Life's lessons are delivered to us in many ways.

And it's often the older, "wiser" ones around us that deliver messages of wisdom to the young.

But a young Lexington, Ohio girl shows that youth have a lot to teach adults.

Reagan Dearth celebrated her 8th birthday this past weekend. And her birthday list wasn't that of the normal 8-year-old girl. Her list wasn't peppered with requests for the latest line of Disney's Frozen toys. It did not contain requests for Barbie dolls, electronics, or games.

Her one request for her 8th birthday?

Canned goods.

So when she and her father showed up at Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center with 93 lbs of food, imagine our surprise when we found that all this food was the birthday request of an 8-year-old girl who was more interested in giving to others than receiving gifts for herself.

This selfless act is one that tugs at the heart strings - a reminder that generosity knows no boundary of age.

We cannot thank Reagan enough for her selfless act of giving to those in need.