Simply Give Campaign yields $76,160 for BNOC.

The Meijer Simply Give Holiday Campaign, which began November 1, 2015, and ran through January 2, 2016, resulted in The Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center receiving $76,160 - the largest amount generated in all of BNOC's 5 Simply Give Campaigns.

On Thursday, February 4th, BNOC was presented with a GIGANTIC check and $25,960 in gift cards (our second installment) at the Meijer's Ontario store. We received our first installment of gift cards on December 4th - for $50,200 - which gives BNOC a combined total of $76,160 in Meijer gift cards.

The gift cards are to be used to purchase food, baby diapers, wipes, and formula. We have 2 years to use the cards.

The BNOC received $29,740 in donations from businesses, churches, individuals, and organizations. Meijer's not only matched this amount, but also matched 2 X on November 13th and 14th, which were "double days". Meijer's matched $20 for every $10 that was donated on those days. As a result, Meijer's total contribution was $46,420.

Thanks to all the generous donations we've received during this campaign, we can now provide many items that we are unable to get through The Cleveland Food Bank. The BNOC Trustees & Officers would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.

*Photo above taken at Meijer's on Thursday, February 4th - pictured left to right are Kevin Dearth (Trustee), Trent Creel (Meijer's Store Manager), Carol Hoeflich (BNOC Food Pantry Manager), and Matt Merendino (BNOC President).