It all starts with a recipe…

1 part student hand-crafted bowls + 2 parts food provided by local restaurants + a pinch of generous funding by local businesses and you’ve got… the first annual Empty Bowls event.

Fighting hunger one bowl at a time…

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, the Clear Fork Valley will hold its 1st Empty Bowls event at Clear Fork High School to combat hunger in our local Bellville and Butler communities. It’s exciting to know the money raised will be used by the Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center (BNOC) to support and enrich the lives of Clear Fork Valley individuals and families.

As a community, we pride ourselves on the support we provide one another, and that is no different when it comes to ensuring everyone in our communities has the nutritious food they need every day.

The concept behind Empty Bowls is simple…

Our aim is to come together as a community and rally around our own. At the event, area residents will make a small contribution and receive a meal of delicious soup and bread, all made and donated by area restaurants. The best part is each meal is served in a beautifully hand-made bowl, crafted in art class by our Bellville and Butler Elementary 4th and 5th grade students. As a thank-you and subtle reminder of the local and global fight against hunger, the attendees donating at least $15 are welcome to take their one-of-a-kind bowl home with them.

Although this is a new event to our area, Empty Bowls events have been held in communities across the country for years. While every community’s objectives remain the same, each event is self-developed and independent. These events would not be successful without the generous support of hundreds of community members and vital sponsors coming together for one worthy cause.

Your charitable donation of $15 or more for a bowl of delicious soup will help ensure no one goes hungry in our community.

Join us at this special event.

Please share a meal with us to support families in the Valley. And remember, no donation is too large!

Additional Empty Bowls event information (date, time, location, restaurants, event sponsors) can be viewed on our event page here.